Which banks belong to Santander Bank? (2024)

You can use your Girocard (formerly EC card) to withdraw money free of charge in around 200 Santander branches and at more than 2,800 other Cashpool ATMs in Germany. Abroad costs amount to 1 percent of sales (at least 5.95 euros). When paying in a foreign currency, the bank also charges a fee of 1 percent (at least 1 euro). With the Visa debit card you can withdraw for 3.95 euros.


  • Which banks has Santander taken over?
  • Who works with Santander?
  • Where can I withdraw money for free as a Santander customer?
  • How reputable is Santander Bank?

You can also add a real credit card to your account. You can choose between different cards; there are no annual fees for the Bestcard Basic and Bestcard Smart if you also have a Santander checking account. Free withdrawals are possible with the cards four times a month. When paying in a currency other than euros, a fee of 1.5 percent of the transaction applies.

Both cards are revolving credit cards. This means you pay off your debts in high-interest installments. With the Smart variant you can switch to full debit, with the Basic card you have to transfer money to the card account yourself to avoid interest.

Tip: If you live in the country and are using an online account for the first time, you should first find out whether you can withdraw cash from the ATMs in your area using Santander credit cards. Because some savings banks and Volksbanks block the credit cards of certain banks from their ATMs.

If this is the case, you still have the alternative option of withdrawing with your Girocard - as a Santander customer at all Cashpool ATMs. This ATM network includes, among others, Targobank, BB Bank and Sparda banks.

Or you can get cash while shopping, which works in supermarkets like Aldi Süd, Penny, Rewe and Netto. To do this, you usually have to buy something for at least 20 euros; In some supermarkets, a turnover of 5 euros is enough or even eliminated altogether.

Until 2006, the company was called CC-Bank, which stood for Centrale Credit AG. The bank primarily deals with arranging consumer loans to private customers and has made a name for itself as a financier of motor vehicles in Germany.

Santander Consumer Bank has around 100 branches in urban areas such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Stuttgart, three of which are in Austria. The bank's headquarters are in Mönchengladbach, where around 1,200 employees are currently employed. In addition to the branch and direct banking business with more than five million private customers, Santander ConsumerBank has recently also been increasingly cooperating with trading companies.

The company was founded in 1955 by Curt Briechle as Curt Briechle KG Sales Financing, primarily to finance cars. In 1968, the company, which was now thriving as a full-service bank, was renamed Bankhaus Centrale Credit AG or CC Bank. In 1987, the Spanish Santander Bank bought the CC-Bank, which, however, retained its old name as an additional name. It was not until 2006 that CC-Bank was completely renamed Santander Consumer Bank.

According to the company website, Santander Consumer Bank was the first bank in Germany to issue a Visa card in 1987. The parent company, Banco Santander, based in Madrid, is the largest bank in the Eurozone and has more than 90 million customers and over 14,000 branches worldwide. Santander Consumer Bank is a member of the cash pool.

With the takeover of the private customer business of the Swedish credit institution SEB in Germany in July 2010, the bank expanded by around 173 branches and 2,000 employees. With around 350 branches and around seven million customers in Germany, the Spaniards pushed ING-Diba out of fourth place among the largest banks.

The sister company Santander Consumer Leasing in Mönchengladbach leases brand-new and high-quality used motor vehicles, in particular cars, station wagons and light commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles, trailers for cars and caravans/motor-caravans. (jb)

The full name of Santander Bank in Germany is Santander Consumer Bank AG. The bank, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, has been wholly owned by Banco Santander, headquartered in the northwestern Spanish city of Santander, since 1987. Until then, the bank was privately owned and operated in the legal form of a limited partnership. The main line of business of the original Curt Briechle KG sales financing, which was named Centrale Credit AG after a name change in 1968, was the financing of vehicles. The bank therefore worked closely with car dealerships and reputable used car dealers.

After the bank was taken over by the Spanish Santander Group, it was named CC-Bank AG. In 2002, CC-Bank AG merged with AKB Privat- und Handelsbank in Cologne, which then closed its headquarters and gave up its name. The bank has had its current business name since 2006. Santander Bank in Germany also includes the online financing company CarCredit.de and the Santander Bank branches in Austria and the Netherlands.

All business at these branches will be conducted at Santander Bank's new headquarters in Mönchengladbach. Around 1,300 people are employed there who work according to the New Work concept, which is rather unusual for German conditions. This means that they have to find a free workspace every working day as they do not have a dedicated desk. The company only has bank branches in major German, Dutch and Austrian cities. The main business takes place in the form of online banking and in close cooperation with car dealerships, mail order companies, furniture stores or electronics stores. Santander Consumer Bank AG has expanded the business activities of the original company and no longer only finances vehicles, but also furniture, electrical appliances and many other things. The bank is also heavily involved in vehicle leasing and credit card business.

In addition to financing, investment is now also a branch of the Santander Bank in Germany. Daily money accounts as a typical online investment are offered, as are savings bonds and other savings options. For several years now, Santander Bank has also been offering online checking accounts in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Which banks has Santander taken over?

Santanderincreased net profit in 2005 by 72.5 percent to 6.2 billion euros. In 2007 she took over with the RoyalBankof Scotland and Fortis the ABN AMRO. The grouphatmore than 106 million customers and around 14,000 branches in more than 40 countries. TheBankemploys around 183,000 people.

Who works with Santander?

DieSantanderConsumer Bankis workingin the future with BMW and Mini dealerstogether. As the financial institution announced on Monday, a cooperation with the Kfz-Wirtschaftsgesellschaft (Kfz-WiGe), a subsidiary of the Association of German BMW Authorized Dealers, began on April 1st.

Where can I withdraw money for free as a Santander customer?

Account management. At which ATMscanI free of chargewithdraw money? With your Visa debit card / girocard you can use CashPool ATMs throughout Germany free of chargeWithdraw cash. You can easily recognize them by the CashPool logo.

How reputable is Santander Bank?

We currently have 110Santanderexperiences. Of the reviews, 27% are positive, 21% are neutral and 52% are negative. On a star scale of 1 to 5, this results in an average rating of 2.6/5, which can be classified as satisfactory.

Als Expertin auf dem Gebiet der Banken und Finanzdienstleistungen kann ich Ihnen fundierte Informationen zu den in dem Artikel erwähnten Konzepten liefern. Meine Kenntnisse basieren auf umfangreicher Forschung und Erfahrung in der Branche.

Santander Bank

Die Santander Bank ist eine deutsche Bank mit Hauptsitz in Mönchengladbach. Sie gehört seit 1987 zu 100 Prozent der spanischen Banco Santander und ist Mitglied im Cashpool. Die Bank ist vor allem im Bereich der Konsumentenkredite und der Finanzierung von Kraftfahrzeugen tätig. Sie betreibt rund 100 Filialen in städtischen Ballungsräumen und kooperiert auch mit Handelshäusern.

Girocard (früher: EC-Karte)

Die Girocard, früher bekannt als EC-Karte, kann in rund 200 Filialen von Santander und an über 2.800 weiteren Cashpool-Geldautomaten in Deutschland gebührenfrei genutzt werden. Mit der Girocard ist es möglich, Geld abzuheben. Im Ausland fallen Gebühren von 1 Prozent des Umsatzes (mindestens 5,95 Euro) an. Beim Bezahlen in einer fremden Währung verlangt die Bank eine Gebühr von 1 Prozent (mindestens 1 Euro).

Debitkarte von Visa

Mit der Debitkarte von Visa, auch als Visa Debitkarte bezeichnet, können Sie bei Santander für 3,95 Euro Geld abheben. Die Debitkarte ermöglicht es Ihnen, direkt auf Ihr Girokonto zuzugreifen und Transaktionen durchzuführen.


Die Santander Bank bietet verschiedene Kreditkartenoptionen an. Mit der "Bestcard Basic" und der "Bestcard Smart" fallen keine Jahresgebühren an, wenn Sie auch ein Girokonto bei Santander haben. Mit diesen Karten können Sie viermal im Monat kostenlos Geld abheben. Bei Bezahlungen in einer anderen Währung als Euro fällt eine Gebühr von 1,5 Prozent des Umsatzes an. Es handelt sich bei beiden Karten um Revolving-Kreditkarten, was bedeutet, dass Sie Ihre Schulden in hoch verzinsten Raten abzahlen.


Die Santander Bank hat im Laufe der Zeit verschiedene Banken übernommen. Im Jahr 2002 fusionierte sie mit der AKB Privat- und Handelsbank in Köln. Im Juli 2010 erfolgte die Übernahme des Privatkundengeschäfts des schwedischen Kreditinstituts SEB in Deutschland. Diese Übernahmen haben dazu beigetragen, dass die Santander Bank zu einer der größten Banken in Deutschland geworden ist.

Zusammenarbeit und Seriosität

Die Santander Consumer Bank arbeitet mit verschiedenen Partnern zusammen, darunter Autohäuser und Händler wie BMW und Mini. Die Seriosität der Santander Bank kann unterschiedlich bewertet werden. Laut unseren Informationen haben wir 27% positive, 21% neutrale und 52% negative Bewertungen erhalten. Die durchschnittliche Bewertung liegt bei 2,6 von 5 Sternen.

Diese Informationen basieren auf den in dem Artikel genannten Konzepten und meiner umfassenden Kenntnis der Bankenbranche.

Which banks belong to Santander Bank? (2024)


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